Value added processing


Glass fiber preform

It is made of glass wool mat or silica mat as a base material and molded with inorganic and organic resins.
It is molded into various shapes depending on the application as an exhaust system silencer for automobiles and motorcycles and as a heat insulating material for boiler heaters.


VIP(Vacuum Insulated Products)

It is a product with improved heat insulation performance by using glass fiber as the core material covered by a laminated film to create a vacuum state.


Value added processing

We process our products such as glass fabrics and glass wool mats according to the application. Processing available such as
Die cutting / Cutting / Slitting / Adhesive / Molding / Lamination / Assembly / Various coatings


Rubber coating

It is a seal packing/gaskets material made by applying a resin (natural rubber, graphite graphite) suitable for the application to a glass fabrics, AES fabrics, or silica fabrics as a base material.
Custom development is available for various applications and shape.


Roving preform

It is made of continuous glass fiber as a base material and molded into an arbitrary shape using various binders.
It is used as an acoustic absorbing material in exhaust system for automobiles / motorcycles.
it is superior in assembly work and adhesion of exhaust system parts.


Carbon felt and preform

Carbon fiber (A grade, B grade, recycled material) is used and made into felt or board by dry or wet manufacturing method.


Customized knitting

In ordinary glass fiber woven fabrics, the elongation of the fibers themselves is poor, so we use a special machine to create elastic glass fiber knits by applying different manufacturing method.
Contact us for details.


Perforated tubes・Metal/thermoplastic forming

It is a metal/thermoplastic processed product produced at our overseas locations.


SUS mesh fabrication

A ring-shaped or belt-shaped gasket / packing material molded using metal wire.
It can be used as a sealing material or damping material in high temperature area around mufflers and engines.


Jointly developed products

Based on the manufacturing technology of inorganic fibers cultivated in-house, we can also be flexible for joint development activities for various purposes according to customer needs.

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