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  • 総合カタログ
    General catalog

    includes specification and compositions of our products, and company information.

    PDF / 4.9MB Download
  • エヌシリカファイバーのカタログ
    N-Silica fiber

    Industrial base materials widely used in various fields, with excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical insulation

    PDF / 644KB Download
  • アルミナセブンのカタログ
    Alumina 7

    A unique material with heat resistance, tensile strength elastic modulus, and electrical insulation.

    PDF / 527KB Download
  • 火花よけクロスのカタログ
    Spark protection fabrics

    A material with flame retardancy, heat resistance and outstanding flame resistance

    PDF / 561KB Download
  • 断熱クロス&テープのカタログ
    Thermal Inlulation
    fabrics & Tape

    Fabrics and Tape fabricated with fabricated treatment for density options

    PDF / 845KB Download
  • Nitiguジャケットのカタログ
    Nitigura Jacket

    Energy-saving products that can be used to keep valves and flanges warm, and to insulate boilers, heat exchangers and tanks, etc.

    PDF / 669KB Download
  • ステンシルのカタログ

    Sewing thread and felt are available, using stainless steel fiber as a base material.

    PDF / 208KB Download
  • フネンルーフG2のカタログ
    Funen-roof G2

    Insulation material for corrugated roof providing excellent performance such as non-combustibility, heat insulation, sound absorption, and prevention of dew condensation.

    PDF / 323KB Download
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