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Nihon Glass Fiber Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1956, changing its name and taking over from Japanese Artificial Fur Co., Ltd. established in 1952, and started manufacturing kerosene heater core in 1958.

Since then, our company has been developing and manufacturing products fulfilling customer needs and meeting wide scope of end use, using materials like inorganic fibers such as glass, silica, alumina, and organic fibers such as taien, aramid, and stainless fibers, for the purpose of "thermal insulation, heat barrier, heat retention, acoustic absorption, insulation, reinforcement". Today, these product technologies are used in various industries such as automobile, home appliances, building materials, steelmaking, electric power, shipbuilding, petrochemical plants.

We continue to actively develop products for today and tomorrow being fully aware of our increasingly important responsibilities to the environment and society leveraging the fact that we were among the first to manufacture energy-saving related products by applying the technology of "thermal insulation and heat retention". We also aim to operate our business, giving consideration to achieve SDGs (the Sustainable Development Goals) advocated by the United Nations.

We strive every day to enable operation in line with the 17 goals set forth in the SDGs and aiming to be an indispensable company for our customers, while for internally, we strive to create a safe, secure, and healthy workplace where all employees are motivated.

We will create new businesses and grow as a manufacturer dedicated to "thermal insulation, heat barrier, heat retention, acoustic absorption, insulation, reinforcement"

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