Our initiative


Business continuity enhancement plan

We received certification as a [Business continuity enhancement plan].

[Business continuity enhancement plan] The plan for disaster prevention and mitigation prepared by our company has been certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

[Business continuity enhancement plan] is a plan that includes items necessary for small and medium-sized companies to recognize their own disaster risks and take steps as the first step in disaster prevention and mitigation measures.

Safety management in Aichi

We agreed to

We have endorsed the management method, 「安全経営あいち」(anzen keiei aichi), advocated by the Aichi Labor Bureau, which treats safety management as a management issue and strategically manages productivity, quality, costs, delivery dates, morale, and the environment in an integrated manner.

Aichi Work-Life Balance
Promotion Campaign 2023

We aim for a company where employees can work well with employees' balancing work and life.

We agree to "Aichi Work-Life
Balance Promotion Campaign 2023"
that promotes the following 8 initiatives
serving the realization of work-life balance

  1. We work to promote diverse work style.
  2. We work to promote the acquisition of annual paid leave.
  3. We work to reduce overtime.
  4. We work to leave an office on time.
  5. We work to create an work environment based on the "new lifestyle".
  6. We work to support the balance between childcare, long-term care, treatment of illness and infertility, and support for the return of those who have left their jobs.
  7. We work to implement measures for mental health.
  8. We work to change the mindset of managers and employees.
Aichi Work-Life Balance Promotion Campaign 2023【 Example of our initiatives 】

Create an environment for gender equality


We aim for gender equality, develop comfortable working environment, and create working environment where any and all employees can design their long-term carriers easily.

Project promoting the advancement of women

Our male-female ratio is 3 : 1 and there are few females.
It was launched to create an environment where women can work comfortably by picking up such precious voices and awareness of women.
Not only women but also men participate in the project and could discover new things and deepen their understanding.

Recognition for companies working to empower Women in Aichi

We have been certified by Aichi Prefecture as "Recognition for companies working to empower Women in Aichi"


We were certified through our initiative which aims at enpowering women, such as awareness statement from our president, active recruitment, expansion of occupational field, enhancement of training opportunities, appointment to managerial position, promotion of work life balance, creating work environment that allows childcare and nursing care

The list of "Recognition for companies working to empower Women in Aichi"
Our initiative to support balancing work and life

We are reviewing and enhancing childcare, nursing care, work system, etc. on a daily basis, in order to support work and private life at the same time, and form stable and long-term base for living,

  • *
    maternity leave

    Enable a leave for 6 weeks (14 weeks in case of multifetal) before childbirth and 8 weeks after childbirth

  • *
    Child‐care absence

    Enable a leave until the child reaches age of 1 at max..

  • *
    Child nursing leave

    Enable a leave for 5 days a year until the elementry school enrollment, and up to 10 days in case of more than 2 children

  • *
    Nursing care absence

    Enable a leave up to 93 days in total for each one family member who needs nursing care

  • *
    Nursing care leave

    Enable a leave for 5 days a year and up to 10 days in case of more than two family members who need nursing care

  • *
    Half-day paid leave

    Annual paid leave can be taken in half-day units

  • *
    Marriage leave

    Enable paid leave for up to 6 consecutive days

  • *

    Possible to freely decide the start and end time within the range of total working hours in one month.
    ※Core time : 10:00 - 15:00

Our commitment to sustainability


Aiming to reduce industrial waste by 50%

  • Examining whether industrial waste can be recycled as a sound absorbing material
  • This initiative lead to our sound absorbing recycle board comparable to performances of other companies' commercial products.
  • Now it was installed in our meeting room providing quiet environment with the reduction of the sound reflection.
ニチグラの吸音リサイクルボードと他社品の比較 会議室に設置したニチグラの吸音材

Sound-absorbing ratio > 95% for > 500Hz, comparable to that of other companies
(Daily conversation : 250 ~ 4000Hz)

Voice of employees who actually used such meeting room equipped
with sound absorbing recycle board
  • It became easier to hear other person's voice
    with the reduction of reverberation
  • The design is not bad either.
    No discomfort at all
    with its appearance.
  • I thought it is easier for me to talk.
  • It sometimes sounds
    a bit muffled.
  • The sound of the car outside and also
    fan for air ventilation in the room
    seem to have become smaller.
    The quietness in the room seem to have improved.

Majority of the voices referred to the improved noise environment compared to the situation before its installement.

Promotion of acquiring linguistic skill

We are promoting employees' acquiring their linguistic skills for developing global human resources
Language training

Provide language training for employees who need linguistic skills in their actual work

【 Example of our initiatives 】
  • Japanese language training for our Vietnamese employees
  • Vietnamese language training for those who take care of Vietnamese trainees
  • Chinese language training etc. for those who have assigment to work overseas
Our president is also currently taking a Thai language course
(Isaac case study interview article)
Language acquisition support system

Supporting 50% of tuition for courses that employees take to acquire a language other than their native language

English conversation course

Offer basic English conversation courses to all those who wish. Support to create opportunities to learn English.

Incentive system for qualification acquisition

Encourage the acquisition of qualifications related to work, and provide employees who get certificates ※ with incentives.
※TOEIC, HSK, the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test
※Qualifications other than language proficiency can also be applicable.

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