A sincere commitment to meet customer demands and
future challenges

R&D activities are carried out in the Development Dept. and Planning office of the Headquarters.
Development Dept. conducts basic research on materials and blending
in order to meet specifications required by customers.
Planning Office has initiative to proactively develop technologies
and new businesses to meet future customer needs.
The basis of R&D activities are ""insatiable curiosity"".
We strive to identify the essence of the product,
not being satisfied with the status quo and we are inspired to take on new challenges.


Quality evaluation / testing

Evaluation Analysis / testing equipment indispensable
for quality confirmation and R&D

We have introduced various equipment for testing and analysis and
are checking and evaluating product quality leveraging the insight of researchers as well as
understanding the performance of developed products.
In addition, we have developed many devices/equipment in-house
with ingenuity for items that cannot be evaluated with commercially available analysis equipment.
We strive to provide data and product information that will satisfy our customers.

Test equipment Applications
(Fourier transform infrared spectrometer)
Identify molecular structure
X-ray fluorescence analyzer Measure element type and content
Scanning electron microscope Enlarge and observe minute objects
Microscope Enlarge and observe minute objects
Thermobalance, Differential Thermal Analyzer (TG DTA) Qualitative and quantitative analysis
Melt indexer Measure the fluidity of the resin during melting
Thermal conductivity measuring device
(hot wire method)
Measure thermal conductivity
Thermal conductivity meter
(for vacuum heat insulating material only)
Measure the thermal conductivity of vacuum heat insulating material
Normal incidence sound absorption coefficient device Measure the sound absorption coefficient by frequency
Soundproof room, FFT analyzer Measure the distribution of absorbed frequencies
Simple sound insulation test room Measure sound transmission loss
Frazier type air permeability tester Measure the amount of air passing through
Compressive/tensile strength device Measures strength such as tension, compression, bending, and peeling
Environmental tester Acceleration evaluation of durability
Muffle furnace Heat and observe
Bending resistance tester Evaluate resistance to bending
Abrasion resistance tester Evaluate resistance to abrasion
Friction-charged voltage tester Measures static electricity generated by friction
Electromagnetic wave shielding tester Measure the transmission loss of electromagnetic waves
Inslation breakdown resistance tester Measurement of insulation resistance value under high voltage load
Micro pressure leak measurement circuit device Measure the amount of leakage of packing, sealing material, etc.
Twisting tester Measure the number of twists of single yarn and twisted yarn
Crisp number measuring device Measure the number of crimps (crimps) of fibers
Thread length measuring device Measure the length of threads, etc.
Odor sensor Measure the strength of odor
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