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Nitigura Needld Mat

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What is Needled Mat?

The excellent heat and acoustical insulation material.

Nitigura needled mat is made from uniformed length continuous fibers with opening by air forming and made by mechanical bonding method without any binders. The characteristics are excellent vibration, dispersion resistance and very small smoke. We can supply for any situations.

E-Glass Mat (MNA), Silica Mat (MNS), High Silica Mat (MSS), TAIEN Mat


  • 1. Made by mechanical bondingmethod (needle punching) with no binders.
  • 2. Excellent heat resistance, flexible performance.
  • 3. Easy to press molding with any kind of binders.
  • 4. Excellent sound absorption property.


  • 1. Boiler, engine insulation
  • 2. Silencer insulation
  • 3. Sealing packing and gaskets material

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