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Metal Fiber Products

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What is SUS Wool?

SUS wool is made from stainless steel wire by shaving method. Fiber diameter is available from 40-150 micron meter. This can be used for sound absorption and insulating filter material.


  • 1. Good chemical resistance and antiviblation properties.
  • 2. Recyclable


  • 1. High temperature sound absorption material
  • 2. High temperature filter

What is Stainsil?

Sewing Thread (Yarn)

Stainsil sewing thread is made by stainless wire but that is very flexible, it can be used sewing thread. The raw material are two type of SUS304 and SUS316L.


Stainsil felt is made by chopped Stainsil fiber in needle punching method. The main applications are heat insulation, cushion, gaskets and abrasives.

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