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Glass Fiber Products

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What is Glass Fiber?

A kind of excellent material.

Glass fiber (E-Glass) has many excellent physical, thermal, chemical and electric characteristics. Glass fiber can use for a lot of applications for many different fields because of it's reasonable price and excellent characteristics.

Needled Mat (MNA)


  • 1. Made by mechanical bondingmethod (needle punching) with no binders.
  • 2. Easy to press molding with any kind of binders.


  • 1. Boiler, engine insulation
  • 2. Silencer insulation
  • 3. Sealing packing and gaskets material

Cloth (NGC), Tape (NGT), Sleeving (GS), Rope (GR)


  • 1. Good for insulation property because of it's bulked processing.
  • 2. Coating, alumi foiled is available.


  • 1. Lagging shells
  • 2. Fire curtains
  • 3. Gaskets for high temperature

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