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Almina 7

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What is Almina 7?

Best solution in ultra high temperature.

Alumina 7 is composed of 72% Al2O3 and 28% SiO2 continuous fiber which is not contained B2O3. Alumina 7 has excellent heat resistance, high strength, high modulus and electrical insulation ability. Alumina 7 can be expected wide range of applications.

Cloth (ALC), Tape (ALT), Sleeving (ALSV), Yarn (ALY)


  • 1. No strength loss and no heat shrinkage occur until 1200℃ degree.
  • 2. Excellent chemical resistance and electrical insulation ability.
  • 3. Very stable in melting metal.
  • 4. High strength, high modulus and good flexibility.


  • 1. Fire curtains, Lagging shells
  • 2. Protecting for cables and thermocouples
  • 3. Reinforcement material for FRM

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