Look to Nitigura for all your heat resistant and thermal insulation materials, be it glass, alumina or other fiber resource.




Nihon Glass Fiber Industrial Co., Ltd. has been established as Nihon Artificial Fur Co.,Ltd. in year 1952 in Japan. We have changed the company name to Nihon Glass Fiber Industrial Co., Ltd. In year 1956 and started to produce oil stove wick which is made by glass fiber.

After that we have been developing the appropriate products in between ultra high temperature applications to low temperature, for glass fiber, silica fiber, alumina fiber, carbonized fiber which are called as inorganic fibers, for fire proof fiber, aramid fiber which are called as organic fibers, and stainless fiber for metallic fibers.

The technology of the products are well used in automotive,household appliance, building, steel plant, power plant, oil chemical plant and ship building.

Also, our products contribute to protecting our global environment by providing to the market as we started to handle the energy saving products by the technology of thermal insulation.

We follow to our quality policy of "To develop the new features products for customer needs, to produce reliable products" and our environmental philosophy of "We keep our effort and improvement on our products for providing safety environment for people, healthy environment for living".

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