Look to Nitigura for all your heat resistant and thermal insulation materials, be it glass, alumina or other fiber resource.




Nitigura products are available to use in any situations.

Nitigura products are used at power plants, industrial plants, ship doc yard which are large buildings, and it is also used in automotive, household appliance which are people common use items.

Nitigura products are used in cars. It is used for block the out side of noise and temperature for comfortable living space in car. It is also used for acoustic insulation and engine, exhaust heating insulation for a variety of places.

Heat energy is very important for comfortable life living. For example, our products are applied at around kitchen, heating, water heater for heat insulation.

Nitigura products are applied at factory, plant, house, mansion for nonflammable, fire proof, sound absorption, insulation purpose.

Nitigura products are applied at "Secondary industries" such as power plant, steel plant, shipyard for new plant, regular repair, maintenance. The measure products are used from the material with continuously 1000 degrees heat resistance performance to fire proof cloth.

Nitigura products are applied at thermal equipment for large facilities such as food factory, hospital. And also our products are contributing for environmental protection and energy saving with suppressing the heat dissipation for rubber, plastic molding equipments.

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